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STage Crew

STage Crew

A good crew is never seen and never heard...

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All academically eligible students ​in grades 6-8 are able to join the Stage Crew. The Stage Crew creates and manages all the technical elements of the production: lights, sound, sets, props, and costumes. Even though the Cast tells the story onstage, they will not been seen or heard or look pretty or have anything to work with without the Stage Crew.  


About a month before each show, the Stage Crew is divided into two groups: the Running Crew which "runs" the show and the House Crew which manages the Front of House. While there is no size limit to the Stage Crew, the selected Running Crew numbers about 30. Students not selected for Running Crew can join the House Crew. Stage Crew general meets Mondays and Fridays after school for 2 hours. Closer to the show, the Running Crew will attend all Cast rehearsals, which can run as long as 5 hours each, 5 days a week.  


The Tilden Drama Stage Crew provides a safe and welcoming environment where students can build confidence and self-esteem, develop a strong and disciplined work ethic, and form long-lasting positive relationships all while exploring and creating theater.   

Sound Technicians

Sound technicians operate the mixing board, speaker system, and the many microphones required to enable the audience to hear the performers.

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Light Technicians

Light technicians set up and operate a lighting board to control the variety of lights to control the brightness, shadow, color tones, and mood of a performance.


SFX, or special effects, are the added visual elements that add drama to a performance. SFX include smoke, fog, breakaway bottles, simulated shattering mirrors, and special mood lighting.

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Stage Hands

Stagehands work backstage or behind    the scenes during the show. They set     up the scenery and props for the production--and quickly change it  between the scenes of the show!

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The Prop crew is responsible for keeping track of the many, many items that turn the stage into a “set.” Props can include tables, chairs, books, flowers, telephones, or lamps—anything needed to make the set feel more realistic.


The Costume Crew turns middle school students into Victorian ladies or gentlemen, Parisian peasants or Catholic clergy, a Wicked Witch or a Kansas school-girl, a Beauty or a Beast, an Evil Octopus or a Little Mermaid!


The Construction crew builds the sets needed for the performance. Depending on what the show requires, this could be walls, doorways, stairs, the deck of a ship, or even the entryway to a Chinese theater!

House Crew

The House Crew works during the performance taking tickets, passing out programs, helping concessions, providing security, and helping out with any other "front of house" tasks. 

In this video clip, all elements of the Stage Crew are noticeable:
Notice how the lights, music, props, and costumes all set the scene and create a tense mood. The actors are clearly audible and the “shattering mirror on the mantle” special effect creates a shocking moment for the audience. How did this all happen? The crew members who built sets, created costumes, ran the lights and sound, placed the props and operated the special effect all contributed to this moment in support of the actors…you just don’t see them on stage.
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