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Audition Information

Audition Information

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Audition Music    

(Click on Song Title) 

  1. Excerpt: “Our Little World”

  2. Excerpt: “Jack, Jack, Jack”

  3. Excerpt: “No One is Alone”

  4. Excerpt: “Children will Listen”

  5. Excerpt: “I Know Things Now"

  6. Excerpt: “Into the Woods”

  1. Excerpt: “Agony”

  2. Excerpt: “No More”

  3. Excerpt: “Hello Little Girl”

  4. Excerpt: “Giants in the Sky”

  5. Excerpt: “It Takes Two”

  6. Excerpt: “Into the Woods”

Songs must be performed in the key of the sheet music.


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Track 5: Jack, Jack, Jack
Track 9: Into the Woods
Track 11: Hello Little Girl
Track 14: Our Little World
Track 15: I Know Things Now
Track 18: Giants in the Sky

Track 19: Agony
Track 20: It Takes Two
Track 31: No More
Track 32: No One is Alone
Track 33: Children Will Listen
Original Broadway.jpg
Part 1: Jack, Jack, Jack
Part 1: Into the Woods
Part 3: Hello Little Girl
Part 5: I Know Things Now
Part 6: Giants in the Sky

Part 7: Agony
Part 8: It Takes Two
Part 17: No More
Part 18: No One is Alone
Part 19: Children Will Listen


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No Woods.jpg
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