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Callback LIST

Tuesday 1/10 in the Chorus Room 1084

You may be released early. 
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Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  Please remember that:
1. If you are called back, it does NOT mean that you will be cast.
2. If you are not called back, it does NOT mean that you are cut.
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If you are called back, please learn and be familiar with the callback music for your character(s). It does not need to be memorized. Practice with the MTI Rehearsal Tracks

(Click on Song Title) 


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Track 15: I Know Things Now
Track 18: Giants in the Sky
Track 20: It Takes Two
Track 21: Stay with Me
Track 20: Steps of the Palace
Track 25: Agony Reprise
Track 28: Moments in the Woods
Track 30
: Last Midnight
Track 31: No More
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Part 5: I Know Things Now
Part 6: Giants in the Sky
Part 7: Agony

Part 8: It Takes Two
Part 9: Stay with Me
Part 10: Steps of the Palace
Part 15: Moments in the Woods

Part 16: Last Midnight
Part 17: No More
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